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I’m Ashley Machele,

I know that sounds totally crazy & I'll admit that I was a skeptic at first too. But after struggling for years with anxiety after my divorce, I was willing to try anything to just feel like myself again. So against my better judgment, I decided to follow my intuition and my life has never been the same.

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and I'm here to help you heal from your past by trusting your intuition and clearing your energy blocks

i believe your struggles are just a symptom of deeper issues that need to be discovered and healed

It's time to get to the bottom of it...

Situations show up in your life because somewhere in your energy field, you are programmed to attract them. Without even knowing it, you subconsciously believe that you deserve to go through this struggle. But it doesn't have to be that way!

here's how I can help:

Trust Your Intuition


What would your life be like if you could connect in and receive answers to all of your questions? Have you ever thought you were doing the right thing or making the right decision but then realized that your instincts were completely wrong? Connecting in to your intuition is the most important tool you'll ever use. 

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Shift Your Energy

Energy is everything! When you learn to work through your most pressing issues by looking back into the experiences that have been programmed into your subconscious energy field, you'll be able to take control of your life and clear the surface level symptoms that have been holding you back. . By working through this deep programming, you'll be able to feel an immediate and tangible shift in your situation.

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Manifesting Made Easy

You can completely change your life by shifting what you manifest every single day. Your thoughts become things, so when you focus on reprogramming your mindset, you'll be able to make a difference in your life quickly and easily! Everything will change when you learn how to vibrate at a higher frequency and manifest everything you've ever wanted.

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What if everything you're going through is preparing you to receive everything you've asked for?

beneath every action there is an emotion. beneath every emotion there is a pattern. when we understand the pattern we focus on the cause, not just the symptom.

As soon as I realized that my entire life was a reflection of the limiting beliefs and patterns that I experienced in early childhood, I was able to reprogram those connected emotions and redirect my reality. It was like going from survival mode to living the life I had always dreamed of. And now I'm here to show you how you can too

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Clear Your Blocks,
Change Your Life

Have you ever set a goal just to fall back into the same old habits and patterns you were trying to change? You've probably focused on fixing a lot of your surface level issues because they show up so often in your life. But we all have deeper limiting beliefs and subconscious programming on an energetic level that need to be cleared in order for change to really occur.

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If you only focus on the symptoms showing up, you'll never get to the real root cause of why you are actually struggling.

 In this free course, you'll understand the exact process I use to help uncover your limiting beliefs and reprogram them to change your life.

if you've already tried everything...

what do you have to lose?

free tools & Resources

Intuitive Parenting & Energy Tools for Kids 

Help your children process their big emotions using simple and intuitive energy tools that they will love!


Simply Home:
A Guide to Nontoxic Living

 the energy in your space has a huge impact on your emotions, this guide will help you raise the frequency in your house to make it feel like home.


Finding Freedom
in a Situation You Can't Control

In this workbook. I'm sharing the exact tools and resources I use everyday to shift my situation- even when it feels like my hands are tied behind my back.



Helping you heal from generational trauma so you 


Your patterns have been passed down through your parents and their parents and their parents... going back generations. The conditioning that has been imprinted in your dna is the same energy that continues to move through you into your children. When you recognize and reprogram those generational patterns, you break the chains for yourself and your entire family.  

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can create a better future

for your

healing begins here.

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When you're feeling a lower energetic emotion (like fear, worry, overwhelm, anxiety) and you're not sure what to do, there are easy ways to raise your frequency by using essential oils, crystals, tapping, and more. 

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