ashley machele

You've just tucked your kids into bed after a long and stressful day


It's finally time to unwind. This is the only time you have to yourself all day and you are dying to just chill out.

But as soon as you start to relax the thoughts start creeping in.

You remember how you lost your patience with your toddler. You think about that argument you had with your teenager. You replay the moment you completely lost it and yelled at your little one. You feel so guilty because even though you are doing so much, it still feels like it's not enough.

The fact that you're worried about not being a good parent means you already are one, even if it doesn't feel that way. And you deserve better than having to do it all on your own.

it's so easy to lose yourself as a parent. 

but it's even worse when you're sharing custody.

forget about self care, this is survival mode.

You know how much you need to keep it together for your kids, but you're barely hanging by a thread by the end of every night.

On top everything you are dealing with, going back to court is always looming in the back of your mind. Even if you've been out of the system for a while, you're always worried that anything might set it all off again.

You have so much going on... the last thing you need to deal with is a high conflict ex making everything more complicated.

Being a parent is hard enough. You shouldn't have to worry about the drama of sharing custody on top of it all. 

what if it doesn't have to be that way?





An online course that provides you with the exact framework to restructure every aspect of your custody situation.  

available for pre-order

being consumed by your custody battle SUCKS

When you are in the thick of it, the last thing you have time for is yourself.

You already know that you should be eating better and staying active and blah blah blah...

But how can you do anything for yourself when you're constantly worried about everyone else?

The last thing you need is another program that you're going to buy and never use. 

that's why this course is different

it was made for you

...the busy parent that doesn't have the time or energy to do it all

simple strategies

step by step guidance

root cause approach

Small shifts applied consistently over time have the power to create massive change in your life

Take the guesswork out of it and move forward one step at a time. Trust the process and have faith.

When you clear the underlying patterns and limiting beliefs behind your struggles, you create lasting change from the inside out.

i know how you feel

We’re All Just Doing Our Best.

After struggling with shared custody for 15 years, I've failed over and over and over again. But it was that trial and error that has led me to discovering and developing strategies that have been proven to work in high conflict shared custody situations. 

If it worked for me,
I know it can help you.

You're on the right track

You Just Need Some Guidance From Someone Who's Been There

Like most things in life, it's going to get worse before it gets better. It's my job to help you dig through the weeds of your inner belief system so we can uproot them and replant healing thoughts, take aligned action, and create room for new blossoms to appear. 

releasing the past doesn't mean it never happened. It means you no longer allow it to control your life.

With This Course You Will:

+ discover how to get to the bottom of your limiting beliefs and clear them once and for all

+ learn how to parent your children collaboratively

+ have access to step by step strategies + specific guidance

+ go from overwhelmed to having clarity and direction

ok but what's the catch?

so that's exactly
what you're gonna get!

pre-order now!

It Will Only Work If You Do.

let's be honest

step by step instructions so you'll never feel confused or overwhelmed

video modules explaining each concept in detail 

a workbook to help you apply each strategy to your situation

a quiz at the end of each section to make sure you are doing the work 

Because if you're anything like me, you need more than just advice, you need accountability and a step by step action plan that you can actually stick with.

That's why each module includes: