Hi there! I’m Ashley.
and I'm just your typical wife, mom, & intuitive energy guide.

Human Design Projector, sun in Sagittarius, indigo generation ... I'm an introverted extrovert- the life of the party that has to hide away for a week after to recoup. I'm the girl who tells it like it is, what you see is what you get!


I was a struggling single mom living with constant fear and anxiety. I was in survival mode in the middle of a custody battle. It felt like a nightmare. Until it... wasn't. 

Not only was I going through an intense custody battle and dealing with a lot of parental alienation, but I was also letting that stress impact me in all areas of my life.

I was living paycheck to paycheck because I would go shopping every time I started to get stressed out. I was completely unhealthy because I was eating fast food every night trying to numb my emotions. And I was having panic attacks because I was coping with the trauma of having my daughter taken away from me during one of our custody exchanges.

And I tried everything to get help. I followed a budget and focused on my spending, I went on a million diets and worked out everyday, I read all the self help books I could get my hands on. But nothing actually worked.

Then I finally figured it out. I was focusing on all of the symptoms showing up in my life instead of getting to the real reason I was struggling. 

Our life is a reflection of our inner belief system. When we begin to recognize the correlation between our current reality and the conditioning of our subconscious, we gain an awareness that empowers us to create massive shifts from a soul level.

Most people live their lives focused solely on their symptoms. They set goals to address the areas in their life that they think they need to change and put an action plan into place to fix those surface level issues. Every January they set new resolutions. But they always fall back into the patterns from their past because the real root cause of their issues isn’t being resolved.

The moment I realized my symptoms were directly related to an emotional trigger that stemmed from an experience in my past, everything changed for me. I no longer looked for external, logical, measurable progress. I turned inward and searched my soul for ways to heal from the inside out. 

Over the past 10+ years, I've manifested the husband of my dreams, our beautiful home, and the exact car from my vision board!


Ashley is the founder of Our Splendid Life. She's an OG blended family blogger who has more shoes than hobbies. Her purpose is helping people discover and clear their energy blocks to take back their power and live a life they love.




I live for road trips. There's just something about driving down the open highway that really gets me


I love a good deal. I find the best vintage pieces at thrift stores and it feels like I'm hunting for hidden treasure


I say my favorite show is Friends, but I'm actually  currently obsessing over Long Island Medium. #guiltypleasure


I may or may not be a cat person. There I said it. I walked into an animal shelter once and this little guy just spoke to me. Now we can't live without him.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

A solo night at a hotel

celeb i'd love to meet

Matthew McConaughey (duh)

Guilty pleasure

Taking an afternoon nap

alternate universe job:

Party Planner! I love a good get together

favorite place i've been:

Italy. There's something about Venice that's especially magical

book club pick:

Anything Gabby Bernstein

can't live without

Valor Essential Oil

usually craving

Anything I don't have to cook

beach vs mountains

Beach, of course!

favorite show to binge

Friends. Gilmore Girls.

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