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a guide to finding peace on transition day

It's hard to fully move forward from your past when you have to keep interacting with your ex every time you rotate visitation. The stress and frustration that goes along with this process has an impact on everyone and you know there has to be a better way. This program is full of positive strategies to transform your custody exchange so you can feel at peace with sending your kids to their other parent's house.

more than 90 pages and 28 tools including printables to guide you

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create intentional interactions with your ex

The most difficult part of sharing custody with your ex is that you split up for a reason. And chances are, if you argued with each other back then, you'll keep arguing now that you're separated. What makes it even harder is having to share custody of your kids with them now. This course is going to help you learn to intentionally create peaceful interactions with your ex by becoming aware of your communication habits and restructuring your conversations to be more positive and productive. 

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An Intuitive Parenting Guide for Joint Custody

Raising children is hard enough, but it's even more challenging to navigate how to be a parent part-time. This resource will help you better understand your children, set aligned expectations, and foster a relationship for long term success. 

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A Root Cause Approach

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Maybe you've tried affirmations before or created a vision board but gave up because it just wasn't working! That's because your conscious mind can want something so much but your subconscious mind is working against that because it is programmed with blocks and limiting beliefs that it thinks are keeping you safe. The only way to really move forward is by clearing those old programs and recreating new ones. 

it's time to change your life from the inside out.


It’s never too late
to reprogram your
your family
or rewrite your

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