transform your transition day

It's Time to Feel at Peace When You Drop Your Kids Off With Your Ex

The inevitable confrontation... the cause of so much stress and frustration in your stepfamily... the thing you hate more than the dentist and would do anything to avoid... but it's also the one thing you actually HAVE to do and there's no getting out of it.

I need this!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You dread seeing your ex every time you switch kids

you cry in the car on your way home every other weekend

your kids always act out as soon as they get back from their other parent's house

If so then keep reading...

I get it

I know how hard it is to send your kids to your ex-partner's house. 

But what if I told you that it's not all their fault that you're struggling with sharing custody? I know I know... just hear me out for a second

Even if you have a high conflict ex, you are still part of the problem.  And that's not a bad thing! All that means is you have more power than you think you do. Sure your life would be easier if your ex wasn't so difficult but that doesn't mean it's all their fault.

believe it or not...
your ex isn't the only issue.

i mean... hello... they're your ex for a reason

The         Problem Is...

most people blame their situation on things they can't control

they look at external factors that they *wish* they could change instead of finding ways to shift from within.

or they try to make changes but only focus on surface level issues

they work on things like boundaries and communication without addressing the real reason their boundaries are broken or their communication is confused.

or they just grit their teeth and bare it because nothing will ever change

As much as they want to see change. it's scary to venture into the unknown and sometimes it feels easier to keep things the way they are because predictability provides a false sense of safety.


what if i told you
there's a better way...

Your situation is just a reflection of what you believe you deserve. 

When you change your beliefs, your reality changes. The reason people struggle is because they have limiting beliefs and negative emotions programmed into their subconscious from experiences in the past or that they inherited from their parents. Unknowingly, they are receiving exactly what they are asking for on a soul level.

Once you uncover and reprogram those blocks, you will start to see tangible shifts in your reality because you have rebuilt the foundation.

this workbook is filled with tangible tools to transform your transition day and work through the underlying issues that are making it so difficult in the first place. 

Elevated Exchange

spend more intentional time with your kids

Instead of spending so much time stressing about the exchange, create intentional moments you want them to remember before they go to their other parent's house.

no longer stress about seeing your ex

Feel confident knowing that you can diffuse the situation and redirect the narrative to a more positive interaction.

walk away from the exchange feeling at peace

Be at peace with the fact that your children are spending time at their other home because you know how to love and support them on this blended family journey.


How would it feel to completely transform your transition day?

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to shift your custody exchange

in your heart

you know there's a better way

The next time you drop your kids off could be a completely different experience than the last. Just imagine getting in the car and feeling calm, cool, and collected. You don't have to be friends with your ex or even co-parent for these strategies to work. This guide was MADE for high conflict exchanges like yours. The only question now is...

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