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Your children need you to be the best version of yourself... especially after a break-up.

a holistic approach to raising children in a shared custody situation 

simply shared

being a single (or remarried) parent is a lot of pressure

you don't have autonomy

you don't have balance

you are under a lot of pressure

Sometimes you have to show up as both parents for your kids, even if your ex is still in the picture. It can be a lot to feel responsible for.

It's a lot of work without the credit. Even if you're remarried, your partner isn't fully able to understand your kids like you do so that can be a source of contention in your new relationship.

You have to do things on your own, but not really. It can feel like you are responsible for everything but you can't actually do anything by yourself.

you already know

it's time to heal

now more than ever, you need to focus on yourself.

The only person who can break your family patterns is you. If you don't, you'll be passing down the limiting beliefs that you struggled with. It's a huge responsibility, but you wouldn't be here if you didn't already feel the call to be the one to break the chains.

generational patterns are passed down from your parents through you to your children.

did you know you have...

2 parents
4 grandparents
8 great-grandparents
16 second great-grandparents
32 third great-grandparents
64 fourth great-grandparents
128 fifth great-grandparents
256 sixth great-grandparents
512 seventh great-grandparents
1024 eighth great-grandparents
2048 ninth great-grandparents

that's a lot of trauma

Just think about all of their experiences, their struggles, their sadness, their love, their joy. Your dna is filled with their stories, good and bad. You are their hope. You chose this family. And you can be the reason your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids have a better life.

how it would feel to...

understand the limiting beliefs behind your parenting patterns

recognize different shared parenting styles and intentionally choose how you want to raise your children with your ex partner

identify unique personality traits in children so you can honor their individuality 

heal and reparent your inner child so you aren't passing down your trauma to your children

think about

do you ever feel like you're parenting your ex? 

Your kids share their dna too...

Have you noticed some of the behaviors that bothered you about your ex have been passed down to your kids? One of the most challenging aspects of shared parenting is being triggered by your kids for something they learned from their other parent.

that's exactly why I've created an entire course to help parents raise their children in a shared custody situation.

Simply Shared


A holistic approach to raising children in a shared parenting situation

This online course will guide you through the complicated process of parenting after a break-up. 

and they also chose your ex

your children chose you for a reason.

When you learn to honor their journey and support them through their childhood, you'll be the one they want to maintain a relationship with. 

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