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In this post, I’m sharing some tips on how to keep your family above the wellness line this winter.

Seasonally it’s so important to shift our focus on keeping our bodies feeling their best. If we find ourselves struggling with our health, it’s hard to pay attention to anything else going on in our lives. This is the most basic need that we need to address before we can even think of moving forward with anything else. Healing begins with your health.

If you’re constantly trying to play catch up, it feels almost impossible to ever get ahead.

When our bodies can maintain a constant state of health and wellbeing, it’s makes it much easier to stay at a high vibration. If you’re always getting sick and dropping into survival mode, you’ll find it a lot harder to to focus on anything else.

There are a few simple wellness pillars that I want to focus on to help you start your journey to create a foundation for health and wellness.

  1. Eliminating Toxins : Common household chemicals have been shown to have an adverse impact on your immune system. When you are cleaning with products that are filled with chemicals, it actually has the opposite effect on your body then what you are hoping to achieve. Instead of protecting your family from germs, you are actually exposing them to toxins that weaken their immune system and make them more prone to sickness. When we switched our family over to all natural, plant based household products, we have seen such a huge difference in our health. When kids in the neighborhood come home with coughs and tummy bugs, it seems to magically miss our house somehow! I’m not making any claims, but from one mom to another, I want to share what works for us and what we have seen from our own personal experience.
  2. Simple Supplements and Nutrition : Creating a daily routine centered around maintaining homeostasis has been our focus for the past few years. We have thoughtfully eliminated a lot of processed foods from our diets and we try really hard to eat mainly plants and whole foods, prepared in ways that our kids love! We try to go by the good, better, best rule in our house. Sometimes we eat things that aren’t the best for us, but they are still better than other alternatives. We also incorporate essential oils and supplements into our wellness plan because they help us to fill in the gaps where our nutrition might be falling short.
  3. Sleep and Emotional Wellness : It’s so important to get enough sleep each night! Our bodies need plenty of rest to function and we have to make that a priority or we won’t have the energy to maintain the other areas of wellness. Our emotions also play a huge role in our overall wellbeing. During the dark and dreary winter months, it’s so important to focus on self care and take time to recognize when we need to set emotional boundaries. Whenever you’re starting to feel a frustrated or upset, start by labeling the emotion you are feeling. Bring awareness to how you feel and allow yourself to process the experience that’s connected to the emotion without judgment. Empower yourself to move through those feelings instead of pushing them down or ignoring them.
  4. Exercise and Movement : Endorphins play a huge role in your overall wellbeing. Working out gives you a sense of accomplishment and allows you to release pent up energy that might be stuck in your aura. I always feel so much better after taking time to exercise, even if it’s just going for a quick walk outside or stretching for a few minutes. Strengthening your body has an impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing so it’s important to pay attention to that aspect of your life!

If you’re interested in learning more about winter wellness, I’ve created a guide filled with DIY’s, recipes, and helpful information to help you in the process of boosting your immunity and staying above the wellness line.

Download it here!

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